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Part 2

Dean taught me how to do “Gangnam Style,” the “Macarena,” the “Cupid Shuffle” (not very aptly named, as none of the cupids I knew ever “shuffled” like this), “Soulja Boy” (Dean insists that’s the correct spelling), and “Thriller.”

Part 1

I think I like Elvis. Dean seemed to find this funny, but he admitted he could “dig” it.

Despite my initial discomfort, it was surprisingly easy to maneuver once I got used to it.


A list of things discovered









I am human now. Dean says there’s lots of good things about being a human, things that I can enjoy now. So I’ve decided to make a “blog” tracking my process and the things I’ve tried.

You can suggest things for me to do here and find a list of the things I’ve done already here.

((In light of the season 8 finale, I decided to make a cosplay blog keeping track of Cas’s transition into human life. It’s meant to be something fun that will hopefully keep your minds off the heartbreak that was the fall of the angels (it’s also a good excuse for me to dick around in public in my cas cosplay shhhh). The concept is simple: you suggest things for Castiel to check out, and he records his reactions to doing so. Suggest away! :D

Art blog
More cosplay shenanigans

fyi, this is a destiel blog, so if you don’t ship it you may not appreciate some of the posts sorry))